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Sustainability and eco-friendliness

Long-term brand ambassadors

Sustainability and eco-friendliness understood as responsibility for future generations, has been the guiding principle for entrepreneurial action at KLANN Packaging in Landshut for more than 65 years.

In terms of sustainability, metal tins are unique in the field of packaging and they are also a long-term brand ambassador with a multi-purpose usage. With its recycling rate of approximately 93-95%, which has been at a constantly high level for years, tinplate significantly exceeds the rate required by the Packaging Ordinance.

Recycling of tinplate

Tinplate can be recycled any number of times and without any quality loss. Per ton of crude steel, an average of around 425kg of scrap is recycled in the steel industry. The use of tinplate scrap annually saves about 800,000 tons of iron ore and 360,000 tons of coal in Germany. The enormous efficiency of tinplate recycling directly contributes to protecting the environment. Finally, the recycling rate for tinplate is higher than for all other packaging materials.

Recycling facts

  • 93-95% recycling rate
  • Use of 425kg of tinplate scrap per ton crude steel
  • Savings of ca. 800,000 tons iron ore per year
  • Savings of ca. 360,000 tons coal per year
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