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Made in Germany

Influential market position

KLANN Packaging GmbH is a manufacturer of decorative and exclusive high-class tinplate packaging tins or aluminum packaging tins – Made in Germany! Based in Landshut/Bavaria, we hold an influential market position in the field of metal tins for individually designed, sales-promoting packagings. In its state-of-the-art production facility (BRC and DIN EN ISO 9001 certified), KLANN, with its approx. 100 employees, offers a unique "full service portfolio".

A one-stop service

  • Conception
  • Dummy construction
  • Tool shop
  • Production
  • Logistics

Experience and flexibility

In 2013, we have been awarded the premium supplier of a major international branded good manufacturer out of a large number of packaging suppliers. According to our latest customer satisfaction analysis, our business partners appreciate – besides our more than 70 years of business experience and our advisory expertise – in particular our innovations, flexibility, speed and the professional logistics services including the herewith connected reliable delivery service.


We are happy to provide you with in-depth, expert advice on the possibilities of customized sales-promoting packaging:


Sustainability and eco-friendliness

In terms of sustainability and eco-friendliness, metal tins are unique in the field of packaging and they are also your long-term brand ambassador with a multi-purpose usage. Currently, KLANN has more than 600 tin formats available for national and international customers.

Metal refinement process

Compared to our competitors, we are also outstanding in the area of the metal refinement process. Apart from the standard refinements such as for example sophisticated print or excellent embossing, we can implement innovative refinement processes like using textile Lextra®.

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